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Finding Accommodation - the Challenges

It is not always practical to rent a house on your own, because it becomes too expensive. To manage costs, students prefer sharing the house.  However there are many challenges on the way

Search for a Suitable House

Have you considered ?

  1. What if the house you find is not close to public transport or in a safe area?

  2. Where will you find house mates?

  3. Who will take the lease in their name?

  4. What if others want to leave even before finishing the lease?

Getting Essential Furnishings

Getting essential furnishings is not easy. It may seem simple, but is always a major source of conflict

  1. How will you get the basic furniture and appliances?

  2. Who will pay for the common appliances such as fridge, microwave, washing machine etc ?

  3. How will  you dispose them off once you leave?

Arranging Services

Initial connection charges for Electricity, Gas, Water, Phone & Internet are usually heavy - close to $500. Moreover

  1. Will you take the connection in your name? The person taking the connection is legally liable for paying the bills.

  2. What if your housemates do not pay the utilities bills and leave? 

Transport Accessibility
& Safety

If the accommodation is not centrally located or public transport is not easily accessible

  • Have you considered that you may waste an inordinate amount of time and money just on travelling every day?

  • If the accommodation is not located in a safe area or the walking distance from public transport is long, would you feel at ease walking back late in the night?

We remove the challenges. How?  

We acquire high quality suburban houses close to the main city. We choose the house carefully because not all have architectures suitable for sharing. We choose the location carefully so that it is close to ethnic services and transport.

We then furnish it like a home with beds, tables, furniture, white goods & whatever a home needs. We pay & manage all the bills. We make sure people live happily & responsibly.

In short, we make sharing workable - and you reap the benefits. The shared style of our accommodation provide great companionships, safety and long lasting friendships.

We have endeavoured to create a home - away from home - for you. Our houses are setup and furnished in every little detail to make you feel at home. All you need to bring along is your personal items.


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